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Post by XXLuckXX on Fri Feb 13, 2015 9:33 am

Hacker In-Game Nick: Dave. or just Dave

I whit my friend DoodleHD where going to raid he's base, but he said we have hacks, we said to him we don't have hacks, and then we were going home for c4, then he double headshoted my friend DoodleHD, and then he double headshoted me just after 1sec from about 300m distance whit P250. Please Ban Him, and give back our items. Then we taked 2C4 and 5 Granades and go to him. Then the same double headshot.

2x Shutguns
2x P250
2x Leather sets
2x 50 9mm ammo
2x 50 shutgun shells
2 Reserch kit
1 wood foundation foundation
2 5 granades
2 C4
6 wood pillars
5 pixaxes


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