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Server features Empty Server features

Post by Admin on Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:01 am

Server information

- Survival/classic style

- PvP

- No durability

- Normal decay

- Sleepers

- Airdrops, 30 players minimum.

- 24/7 uptime server, hosted in datacenter

- 19 January Wipe, next wipe in 3-4 weeks

- Half Craft


Anti Sleeping Bag glitch
Anti Crack Looting

Destroy (/destroy)
Kits (/kit starter)
Share (/share) (for share foundations and doors)
Teleport (/tp) (with 120 secs timewait, and 5 mins cooldown, for prevent abuse in pvp)
PM (/pm and /r)
Location (/pos)
Groups (/ghelp) (for no-pvp in friends)


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